• You&A Fitness Expert / Coach

    Answer fitness related video questions throughly and accur new "micro" coaching clients.

    You&A has created a unique platform that allows fitness experts to provide coaching on a micro level for those who don't need or can't afford expensive coaching packages.

  • One on One Video Coaching

    Connect directly with your clients via video

    Avoid writing long and boring emails. Instead, use our in-built camera to record a video answering your clients questions and send it to them instantly from within the app.

  • Drive Revenue

    Work with our team to determine a price that encourages questions and values your time.

    Answer questions to begin accuring your balance. Use the You&A Cashout functionality to recieve payment instantly.

  • Questions?

    Where do I sign up to be an expert?
    You can click the request access button below to request access.

    How long are video questions?

    Video questions can only be up to a maximum of 3 minutes.

    How long should a video response be?
    We encourage influencers to allot as much time as may seem necessary to fully answer a user’s question. However, there is a maximum 15 minute limit on the video response.

    What do I do if I don’t want to answer a question?
    If a question is inappropriate by your standards, please report the question on the video screen and reach out to your You&A representative immediately.

    How will I receive payment for my video response?
    Payment will automatically be transferred to your balance, which can be viewed from the admin panel in the settings tab.

    How can I cashout my balance in You&A?
    In order to cashout, please ensure you have a valid paypal email linked in the admin panel settings tab. Once linked, influencers can click the cashout button to automatically transfer funds from their balance directly into their paypal account.

    Do I have to answer questions within a timeframe from receiving them?
    Generally we suggest answering all questions within 48 hours of receiving them to ensure an excellent user experience. Users will also be rating responses and timeliness can be a factor in their decision.

    If that doesn't answer your question email us at info@youna.io with any questions or concerns.